For a list of research areas of the department please click here. You can find building locations on the Keele campus map. The phone number for the university is 416-736-2100; only the extensions are given below.

Names appearing in red link to the webpage of the faculty member.


Bergeron, Nantel Algebra, Algebraic Combinatorics Professor bergeron@mathstat.yorku.ca, TEL/DB 2029, X339687
Chan, Ada Algebraic Combinatorics Associate Professor ssachan@yorku.ca, N517 Ross, x66091
Chen, Michael Optimization Associate Professor chensy@mathstat.yorku.ca, TEL/DB 2034, x66677
Chow, Amenda Applied Mathematics Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream amchow@yorku.ca, S620 Ross, x33902
Farah, Ilijas Set Theory, Logic, Operator Algebra Professor ifarah@mathstat.yorku.ca, N533 Ross, x66093
Fu, Yuejiao (Cindy) Statistics Associate Professor/Statistics Director yuejiao@mathstat.yorku.ca, N633 Ross, x33772
Furman, Edward Actuarial Science Professor/Actuarial Science Coordinator efurman@mathstat.yorku.ca, N602 Ross, x33768
Gao, Xin Statistics Professor xingao@mathstat.yorku.ca, N623 Ross, x66097
Gao, Yun Algebra Professor ygao@yorku.ca, S624 Ross, x33952
Gibson, Peter Analysis Professor pcgibson@mathstat.yorku.ca, Ross S626, x33930
Grigull, Jorg Biomathematics Associate Professor jgrigull@mathstat.yorku.ca, LSB 427D, x33719
Haslam, Michael Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing Associate Professor mchaslam@mathstat.yorku.ca, S621 Ross, x44645
Heffernan, Jane Biomathematics, Disease Modeling Professor/Math for Education Coordinator/Mathematical Biology Coordinator jmheffer@mathstat.yorku.ca, N615 Ross, x33943
Huang, Huaxiong Mathematical Modeling, Scientific Computing Professor hhuang@yorku.ca, S622 Ross, x66090
Ingram, Patrick Pure Mathematics Associate Professor pingram@yorku.ca, S615 Ross, x33788
Jankowski, Hanna Statistics Associate Professor hkj@mathstat.yorku.ca, N621B Ross, x22596
Janse van Rensburg, EJ Statistical Mechanics Professor rensburg@yorku.ca, Petrie 215, x33837
Kong, Jude Mathematical Biology AssistantProfessor jdkong@yorku.ca, N533 Ross, x66093
Ku, Hyejin Mathematical Finance Professor/Undergraduate Program Director/Associate Chair hku@mathstat.yorku.ca, N505 Ross, x66087
KUZNETSOV, ALEXEY Stochastic Processes, Math Finance Professor/Graduate Program Director kuznetsov@mathstat.yorku.ca, N518 Ross, x66085
Lamzouri, Youness Number theory Associate Professor lamzouri@mathstat.yorku.ca, N515 Ross, x22594
Liang, Dong Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing Professor dliang@yorku.ca, 225 Petrie, x77743
Liu, Wei Statistics Associate Professor liuwei@mathstat.yorku.ca, N601B Ross, x33767
Madras, Neal Probability Theory, Mathematical Modeling Professor madras@mathstat.yorku.ca, S616 Ross, x33971
Massam, Hélène Statistics Professor massamh@yorku.ca, N630 Ross, x66099
MCEACHERN, ANDREW Applied Mathematics Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream andrewm6@yorku.ca, N503 Ross, x33973
MOGHADAS, SEYED Computational Epidemiology and Immunology Professor/Applied Mathematics Director moghadas@yorku.ca, S619 Ross, x33798
Monette, Georges Statistics Associate Professor Georges.Monette@mathstat.yorku.ca, N626 Ross, x77164
Moyles, Iain Applied and Industrial Mathematics Assistant Professor imoyles@yorku.ca, S519 Ross, x33994
Peskun, Peter Statistics Associate Professor peter.peskun@mathstat.yorku.ca, N634 Ross, x66089
Pietrowski, Alfred Associate Professor Alfred.Pietrowski@mathstat.yorku.ca, N617 Ross, x33924
Purzitsky, Norm Associate Professor purzit@mathstat.yorku.ca, N606 Ross, x33932
Salisbury, Tom Probability Theory, Math Finance Professor salt@yorku.ca, N536 Ross, x33921
Skelton, Andrew Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream askelton@yorku.ca, BC 210, x33942
Skoufranis, Paul Operator Theory, Free Probability, Operator Algebras Assistant Professor pskoufra@yorku.ca, S625 Ross, x66088
Shen, Yang Actuarial Science, Financial Math Assistant Professor yangshen@yorku.ca, N637 Ross, x33779
Steprans, Juris Set Theory Professor steprans@yorku.ca, N506 Ross, X33339
Szeptycki, Paul Set-Theoretic Topology, Set Theory Professor/Chair szeptyck@yorku.ca, N522 Ross, x22555
Tanny, David Associate Professor david.tanny@mathstat.yorku.ca, N610 Ross, x22588
Tholen, Walter Category Theory for Algebra, Topology Professor tholen@mathstat.yorku.ca, N605 Ross, x33918
Walker, Marshall (*) Algebraic and Differential Topology Professor walker@yorku.ca, TEL/DB 3063, x33431
Wang, Steven Statistics Professor stevenw@mathstat.yorku.ca, N625 Ross, x33938
Watson, Stephen Mathematical Economics Professor watson@mathstat.yorku.ca, N513 Ross, x33911
Weiss, Asia Ivic Geometry Professor/Pure Mathematics Director weiss@yorku.ca, N528 Ross, x33966
Whiteley, Walter Geometry, Mathematics Education Professor whiteley@mathstat.yorku.ca, S518 Ross, x22598
Wong, Augustine Statistics Professor august@yorku.ca, TEL/DB 2041, X33497
Wong, Man Wah Analysis, Partial Differential Equations Professor mwwong@mathstat.yorku.ca, N530 Ross, x33946
Wu, Jianhong Biomathematics Professor wujh@mathstat.yorku.ca, N613 Ross, x33116
Wu, Yuehua (Amy) Statistics Professor wuyh@mathstat.yorku.ca, N534 Ross, x22554
Zabrocki, Mike Algebraic Combinatorics Professor zabrocki@mathstat.yorku.ca, TEL/DB 2026, x33545
Zhu, Hongmei Numerical Analysis Associate Professor hmzhu@mathstat.yorku.ca, Petrie 214, x55493
Zhu, Huaiping Dynamical System, Differential Equations Professor huaiping@mathstat.yorku.ca, N618 Ross, x66095

(*) joint with School of Information Technology