Statistics is the exciting science of extracting value out of data. Statisticians work in virtually all fields: science, health and medicine, business and technology, even the Maple Leafs have their own team of statisticians. You can use your degree to help combat climate change or to help develop better medicines, even to understand the nature of our universe. Be part of the modern data revolution and get one of our major degrees or boost your favourite major degree with a statistics minor!

Degrees Offered:
Specialized Honours Major (BA or BSc)
Honours Major (BA or BSc)
Honours Minor (BA or BSc)

The Honours degrees differ in the number of courses required in the discipline (with Specialized Honours requiring the most).   A Major can be combined with another Major or a Minor degree, but it doesn't have to be.   A Minor degree must be combined with a Major degree. If you're interested in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, you will combine your courses with arts courses such as psychology or economics. For a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, you will combine your courses with science courses such as physics, earth and atmospheric science, biology or computer science.

Accredited by the Statistical Society of Canada, York's Statistics program provides students with the basic conceptual tools and the practical training to analyze data and explain it, skills that have applications in a multitude of areas.  Students completing our accredited list of courses will satisfy the education requirements of the Associate Statistician professional designation (A.Stat.) conferred by the Statistical Society of Canada.   This professional qualification leads, after experience, to the designation of Professional Statistician (P. Stat.)

Outlook: Salaries in statistics are high and job growth is strong. Statistical science is a highly valued skill in today's society. Statistician always ranks highly for "best job", "best business job", and "best STEM job" in US News & World report's annual job rankings , and in 2020, Statistician is ranked #1 as the best business job!

Courses: For a detailed list of courses required for your degree of choice (degree requirements), please see the undergraduate supplemental calendar. Keep in mind that the courses in the first year are the same for all our programs, so you will have time to shop around! For course schedules, please see York's course listings.

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