Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition is a North American mathematical contest for undergraduate students. It is organized by the Mathematical Association of America and is taken by over 4,000 participants at more than 500 colleges and universities. It is considered by many to be the most prestigious university-level mathematics examination in the world!

Each year the Putnam competition is held on the first Saturday of December and consists of a morning session and an afternoon session of three hours each. In each session, six problems are to be solved. The problems are very interesting and extremely difficult but require little mathematical background.

The Putnam competition is open to all regularly enrolled undergraduate students who do not already have a Bachelor’s degree. In addition to the individual competition, there is also a team competition among participating universities. A university's team consists of three individuals who are chosen in advance, and its rank is determined by the scores of its three team members. The 25 highest scoring individuals and the five highest scoring teams receive monetary awards.

If you would like to get involved, please contact the coordinating Professor at putnam@mathstat.yorku.ca no later than November 1st. However, please note that the training sessions typically start towards the end of September. Information on the training sessions is available here.