The Statistical Consulting Service (SCS) contributes to ­research and statistical education at York University and beyond. We provide assistance in research design, data collection, data analysis, statistical computing, and the presentation of statistical material to researchers at York. Our consulting services are free for members of the York community. We also hold short courses on statistical topics such as how to use R, SAS and SPSS and how to use statistical methods like structural equations models and hierarchical models. Graduate students in quantitative areas like statistics and quantitative methods in psychology work as interns with SCS. To make an appointment to see a consultant or to get information on short courses visit the SCS website.


The applied interests of our faculty also lead to various industry or other collaborations. Many of our faculty have been involved in organizing industrial problem solving workshops at the Fields Institute in Toronto and at the Centre for Research in Mathematics in Montreal. The objectives of these workshops are 1. to develop research collaborations between academic and industrial researchers, and 2. to train students and postdocs to solve real world problems. Faculty and students also interact with industry via the Mitacs Accelerate program. Examples include financial and statistical projects.