PhD Timeline

You are expected to complete your PhD studies within four years. Below is an outline of compulsory intermediate steps designed to keep you on track. Each year is divided into three terms.

- advising appointment at the beginning of the year
- at the beginning of the year, apply for all internal/external scholarships you are eligible for (OGS, NSERC, and others; see here for a complete list)
- attend all department seminars in your field of interest
- at the end of the year, complete progress report

- take required courses
- complete comprehensive exams (by end of 3rd term)

- confirm thesis supervisor (by end of 5th term)
- complete course requirements (by end of 6th term)
- complete Statistics Practicum (Stats Stream only, by end of 6th term)
- complete DSO (by end of 6th term)

- work on thesis research, writing up results as you go
- complete dissertation proposal (no less than 6 months before oral examination)

- complete thesis research and writing up results
- dissertation colloquium (at least four weeks prior to oral exam)
- final oral examination

For detailed policies, please see the Graduate Mini-Calendar.