How to Apply

Applications to one of our graduate programs (MA/MSc/PhD) are handled by the Faculty of Graduate studies application site where a list of required application material is available. Additional advice about the application process and recommended preparation for the mathematics and statistics graduate programs can be found in our FAQs.

Both diplomas (FE Diploma or Diploma in Mathematics Education) are available as an area of concentration within Master's and Doctoral degrees (degree concurrent option) and as a stand-alone graduate diploma (direct entry option). The stand-alone FE Diploma is handled through the Schulich School of Business. The stand-alone Diploma in Mathematics Education (aka "direct entry") is handled through the Faculty of Education. Applications for one of the diplomas, when done concurrently with one of our graduate degrees, are handled internally by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.  To apply, contact the individual diploma co-ordinator directly: see FAQs for contact information.

When you apply for the M.A. program, please include a supplementary information form and indicate the specialization (stream) to which you wish to apply.  If you are applying to one of the other programs, the supplementary information form should indicate which faculty members you are interested in working with and/or an area of specialization (pure math/applied math/statistics).