Nathan Gold

NATHAN GOLD majored in applied mathematics at York University focusing on mathematical modelling and machine learning. He is currently a PhD candidate at York University in applied mathematics, studying under Dr. Huaxiong Huang and Dr. Steven Wang (statistician).Nate says “My time at York was highly rewarding and illuminating. When I was in high school, I did not see much of the utility of math, and initially pursued a degree in biochemistry upon arrival at York. After taking a first year calculus class, I began to appreciate mathematics in a new way and see how useful and fascinating it really is. I would go on to change my major to applied mathematics, where I took a variety of both theoretical and applied courses. I was also able to participate in undergraduate research projects using mathematics and statistics in both biology and finance. The instruction I received at York from leading researchers and educators, and the flexibility I was given to choose my own degree path was something I truly valued.”