Supplemental Calendar

In the 2016-2017 undergraduate supplemental calendar, you will find lots of useful information on our undergraduate programs and courses.

Some important things to look out for

  • degree requirements: roughly speaking, these are split up into departmental and faculty requirements, and you need to satisfy both. If you are combining degrees (e.g. a Major/Minor) then you will need to satisfy the faculty requirements, as well as the departmental requirements for both the Major and the Minor degree.
    • courses required by the department are listed as "degree program checklists", and are found on pages 36-57. Please be careful, as these may be different depending on when you started your program. All new students should look at the most recent versions (post FW 11/12).
    • courses required by the faculty are listed in the "summary of degree requirements" on pages 34-35. These depend on whether you are doing a BA or BSc, and again when you started the program, so make sure to look at the right one. This list is designed as an overview, and for a more comprehensive list, we suggest that you check the main York Calendar.
  • descriptions of courses we offer: these are on page 12-33; if you are looking for course locations or timetables, please check York's course listings instead.
  • guidelines for students not in math or stats on how to pick the right course: please see page 5.

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