For a list of research areas of the department please click here. "FGS" indicates that the faculty member is able to supervise graduate students. You can find building locations on the Keele campus map. The phone number for the university is 416-736-2100; only the extensions are given below.

Names appearing in red link to the webpage of the faculty member.


Bergeron, Nantel Algebra, Algebraic Combinatorics FGS (M, PhD) Professor bergeron@mathstat.yorku.ca, TEL 2029, X339687
Chan, Ada Algebraic Combinatorics FGS (M, PhD) Undergraduate Program Director/Pure Math Director/Associate Professor ssachan@yorku.ca, N505 Ross, x66087
Chen, Michael Optimization FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor chensy@mathstat.yorku.ca, N628 Ross, x22591
Chow, Amenda Applied Mathematics Assistant Lecturer amchow@yorku.ca, S620 Ross, x33902
Farah, Ilijas Set Theory, Logic, Operator Algebra FGS (M, PhD) Professor ifarah@mathstat.yorku.ca, N533 Ross, x66093
Fu, Yuejiao (Cindy) Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor yuejiao@mathstat.yorku.ca, N633 Ross, x33772
Furman, Edward Actuarial Science FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor/Math for Commerce Coordinator efurman@mathstat.yorku.ca, N602 Ross, x33768
Gao, Xin Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Professor xingao@mathstat.yorku.ca, N623 Ross, x66097
Gao, Yun Algebra FGS (M, PhD) Professor ygao@yorku.ca, S624 Ross, x33952
Gibson, Peter Analysis FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor pcgibson@mathstat.yorku.ca, Ross S626, x33930
Grigull, Jorg Biomathematics FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor jgrigull@mathstat.yorku.ca, LSB 427D, x33719
Haslam, Michael Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing FGS (PhD) Associate Professor/Applied Math Director mchaslam@mathstat.yorku.ca, S621 Ross, x44645
Heffernan, Jane Biomathematics, Disease Modeling FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor jmheffer@mathstat.yorku.ca, N603 Ross, x33943
Huang, Huaxiong Mathematical Modeling, Scientific Computing FGS (M, PhD) Professor hhuang@yorku.ca, S622 Ross, x66090
Ingram, Patrick Pure Mathematics FGS (M, PhD) Assistant Professor pingram@yorku.ca, S615 Ross, x33788
Jankowski, Hanna Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor/Stats Director hkj@mathstat.yorku.ca, N621B Ross, x22596
Janse van Rensburg, EJ Statistical Mechanics FGS (M, PhD) Professor rensburg@yorku.ca, Petrie 215, x33837
Ku, Hyejin Mathematical Finance FGS (M, PhD) Professor hku@mathstat.yorku.ca, N517 Ross, x66091
Kuznetsov, Alexey Stochastic Processes, Math Finance FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor/Graduate Program Director kuznetsov@mathstat.yorku.ca, N615 Ross, x33769
Lamzouri, Youness Number theory FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor lamzouri@mathstat.yorku.ca, N515 Ross, x22594
Liang, Dong Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing FGS (M, PhD) Professor dliang@yorku.ca, 225 Petrie, x77743
Liu, Wei Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor liuwei@mathstat.yorku.ca, N601B Ross, x33767
Madras, Neal Probability Theory, Mathematical Modeling FGS (M, PhD) Professor madras@mathstat.yorku.ca, S616 Ross, x33971
Maltman, Kim Theoretical Physics FGS (M, PhD) Professor Kim.Maltman@mathstat.yorku.ca, Petrie 222, x77741
Massam, Hélène Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Professor massamh@yorku.ca, N630 Ross, x66099
Moghadas, Seyed Computational Epidemiology and Immunology FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor moghadas@yorku.ca, N619 Ross, x33798
Monette, Georges Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor Georges.Monette@mathstat.yorku.ca, N626 Ross, x77164
Peskun, Peter Statistics Associate Professor peter.peskun@mathstat.yorku.ca, N634 Ross, x66089
Pietrowski, Alfred Associate Professor Alfred.Pietrowski@mathstat.yorku.ca, N617 Ross, x33924
Purzitsky, Norm Associate Professor purzit@mathstat.yorku.ca, N606 Ross, x33932
Salisbury, Tom Probability Theory, Math Finance FGS (M, PhD) Professor salt@yorku.ca, N536 Ross, x33921
Skoufranis, Paul Operator Theory, Free Probability, Operator Algebras FGS (M, PhD) Assistant Professor pskoufra@yorku.ca, S625 Ross, x66088
Shen, Yang Actuarial Science, Financial Math Assistant Professor yangshen@yorku.ca, N637 Ross, x33779
Steprans, Juris Set Theory FGS (M, PhD) Professor steprans@yorku.ca, TBA, TBA
Szeptycki, Paul Set-Theoretic Topology, Set Theory FGS (M, PhD) Chair/Professor szeptyck@yorku.ca, N522 Ross, x22555
Tanny, David Associate Professor david.tanny@mathstat.yorku.ca, N610 Ross, x22588
Tholen, Walter Category Theory for Algebra, Topology FGS (M, PhD) Professor tholen@mathstat.yorku.ca, N605 Ross, x33918
Walker, Marshall (**) Algebraic and Differential Topology FGS (M, PhD) Professor walker@yorku.ca, TEL 3063, x33431
Wang, Steven Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Professor stevenw@mathstat.yorku.ca, N625 Ross, x33938
Watson, Stephen Mathematical Economics FGS (M, PhD) Professor watson@mathstat.yorku.ca, N513 Ross, x33911
Weiss, Asia Ivic Geometry FGS (M, PhD) Professor weiss@yorku.ca, N528 Ross, x33966
Whiteley, Walter Geometry, Mathematics Education FGS (M, PhD) Professor/Math for Education Coordinator whiteley@mathstat.yorku.ca, S518 Ross, x22598
Wong, Augustine Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Professor august@yorku.ca, TEL 2041, X33497
Wong, Man Wah Analysis, Partial Differential Equations FGS (M, PhD) Professor mwwong@mathstat.yorku.ca, N530 Ross, x33946
Wu, Jianhong Biomathematics FGS (M, PhD) Professor wujh@mathstat.yorku.ca, N613 Ross, x33116
Wu, Yuehua (Amy) Statistics FGS (M, PhD) Professor wuyh@mathstat.yorku.ca, N534 Ross, x22554
Zabrocki, Mike Algebraic Combinatorics FGS (M, PhD) Professor zabrocki@mathstat.yorku.ca, N518 Ross, x66085
Zhu, Hongmei Numerical Analysis FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor hmzhu@mathstat.yorku.ca, Petrie 214, x55493
Zhu, Huaiping Dynamical System, Differential Equations FGS (M, PhD) Professor huaiping@mathstat.yorku.ca, N618 Ross, x66095

(*) joint with Faculty of Education; (**) joint with School of Information Technology


Chawla, Jagmohan chawla@mathstat.yorku.ca, Ross S519, X33994
Michkine, Valerie vmichkin@mathstat.yorku.ca, Ross S511, X33960
Poliakov, Igor poliakov@mathstat.yorku.ca, Ross S511, X33960
Raguimov, Iouldouz raguimov@mathstat.yorku.ca, Ross S512, X66092


ABRAMSON, M.Z, Professor Emeritus P
BRETTLER, E., Lecturer Emeritus
BROWN, J.M.N., Associate Professor Emeritus P
BUGAJSKA, K., Associate Professor Emeritus P
BURNS, R.G., Professor Emeritus P
DENZEL, G., Associate Professor Emeritus Sp
FRASER, D.A.S., F.R.S.C., Professor Emeritus S
GANONG, R., Associate Professor Emeritus P
GRANT, J.H., Associate Professor Emeritus P
GUIASU, S., Professor Emeritus Pa
KLEINER, I., Professor Emeritus P
KOCHMAN, S.O., Professor (H) P
LAFRAMBOISE, J., Professor Emeritus A
LEE, S.W., Associate Professor Emeritus S
MacHENRY, T., Associate Professor Emeritus P
McEACHRAN, R.P., Professor Emeritus A
MULDOON, M.E., Professor Emeritus Ap
O'BRIEN, G.L., Professor Emeritus Ps
OLIN, P., Professor Emeritus P
PELLETIER, D.H., Associate Professor Emertius P
PELLETIER, J.W., Professor Emeritus P
PROMISLOW, S.D., Professor Emeritus Ps
ROGERS, P., Professor Emeritus P
RUSSELL, D.C., Professor Emeritus P
SHENITZER, A., Professor Emeritus P
STAUFFER, A.D., Professor Emeritus A
WALKER, M., Professor (H) P
WALL, B., Senior Lecturer Emeritus P

*A = Applied Math; P = Pure Math; S = Statistics / Capital letters = home department; Lowercase letters = affiliate(s) department


Huang, Xiangji (Jimmy) FGS (M) Professor ITEC jhuang@yorku.ca, TEL 3048, X30149
Milevsky, Moshe Arye FGS (M) Associate Professor Schulich milevsky@yorku.ca, SSB N204F, X66014
Nenashev, Alexander Associate Professor Glendon Mathematics nenashev@glendon.yorku.ca, YH C206, X88115
Ng, Peggy FGS (M) Professor Administrative Studies peggyng@yorku.ca, ATK 223, X77167
Roy, Mario FGS (M, PhD) Associate Professor Glendon Mathematics mroy@glendon.yorku.ca, YH C210, X88277
Szeto, Anthony Associate Professor ESSE szeto@yorku.ca, Petrie 110, X77703
Taylor, Peter Professor ESSE pat@yorku.ca, Petrie 112, X77707
Tourlakis, George FGS (M, Phd) Professor EECS gt@cse.yorku.ca, LAS 2051, X66674
van Breugel, Franck FGS (M) Professor EECS franck@cs.yorku.ca, CSEB 3046, X77880
Yang, Zijiang (Cynthia) FGS (M, Phd) Associate Professor ITEC zyang@yorku.ca, TEL 3049, X66098