What background is recommended for the MA/MSc?

Although we carefully consider all applications, below you will find some general advice on what background we typically look for in our successful applicants. For each stream, we give a list of York undergraduate courses; we would be looking for rough equivalents of these courses. Students should have a look at our undergraduate course calendar for detailed course descriptions for these courses.

Recommended background:

Applied Mathematics (and MSc in Applied and Industrial Mathematics)

A typical applicant should have the following background at the undergraduate level:

Computer Programming
Numerical Analysis
Elementary Statistics
Elementary Real Analysis
Ordinary Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Multi-Dimensional Calculus
Complex Variables


A typical applicant should have the following background at the undergraduate level:

Introductory Probablity
Introductory Mathematical Statistics
Stochastic Processes
Real Analysis

and these courses would be helpful as well:

Advanced Mathematical Statistics
Partial Differential Equations
Mathematical Modeling
any courses on Math Finance or Actuarial Science

Statistics and Applied Statistics

Students should have taken courses in regression and mathematical statistics (York offers Math 3131 3.0: Mathematical Statistics and Math 3132: Mathematical Statistics II). Additional courses in probability and/or applied statistics are also an asset.

Pure Mathematics

A typical applicant should have a solid background in analysis (real, complex, functional) and algebra.

If you already have an undergraduate degree, but lack some or most of the above courses, then you may wish to upgrade your background by taking some of the above courses as an undergraduate visiting student. To discuss what York courses you should take to upgrade, please contact the Graduate Program Director. Note that after upgrading your background there is still no guarantee of admission, and your application would again be considered on a competitive basis.

Additional information: