Rob Noehammer

ROB NOEHAMMER (graduated with B.A. Hons., Actuarial Science in 2016) began his journey at York University in September, 2012 as a Physics Major. He loved being able to apply his mathematical skills to solve real world problems. “However, after two successful years in the Physics program, I began to worry about the potential practical applications of my education. After some research of the job market, I found that my maths could be very useful if I were to become an Actuary, which also happened to be an occupation with very high demand,” says Rob. So, he decided to transfer to the Actuarial Stream of the (back then) Mathematics for Commerce program, and he has not regretted ever since.

In 2016, during the final weeks of Rob’s time at York, he was called for an interview at the Head Office of Aviva Canada. “After describing to them many of the relevant skills that I had obtained during my time in the Actuarial Science Program at York, I was offered a 6-month contract with the possibility of permanent full-time employment. Now, six months later, I am a full-time Actuarial Analyst on the reserving team of one of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in Canada,” concludes Rob with satisfaction.