Meet some of our undergraduate alumni

  • NATHAN GOLD majored in applied mathematics at York University focusing on mathematical modelling and machine learning. He is currently a PhD candidate at York University in applied mathematics, studying under Dr. Huaxiong Huang and Dr. Steven Wang (statistician).Nate says “My time at York was highly rewarding and illuminating. When I was in high school, I did not see much of the utility of math, and initially pursued a degree in biochemistry upon arrival at York. After taking a first year calculus class, I began to appreciate mathematics in a new way and see how useful and fascinating it really is. I would go on to change my major to applied mathematics, where I took a variety of both theoretical and applied courses. I was also able to participate in undergraduate research projects using mathematics and statistics in both biology and finance. The instruction I received at York from leading researchers and educators, and the flexibility I was given to choose my own degree path was something I truly valued.”

  • STEPHEN LIDDERDALE majored in applied mathematics at York University with a concentration in statistics. After obtaining his BSc, he went on to graduate school at the University of Toronto to continue studying statistical sciences.Stephen says: “After taking many courses in different fields of mathematics, I was introduced to linear models in a course on regression analysis. The far-reaching yet intuitive concepts taught in this course led me to concentrate my studies in statistics. York University gave me the freedom to explore, and the time to find my passion. With a wide range of topics taught by world-class professors, my time at York University was the most influential of my life.”
  • JUDY WELTMAN completed her undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics at York University. She continued her mathematical studies at York and earned a Master’s degree in Mathematics together with a diploma in Financial Engineering through the Schulich School of Business. She is currently working as an analyst in the Treasury Balance Sheet Management department at TD.Judy says : “York provided me with the mathematical foundation to succeed in my career. The mathematics program exposed me to a broad variety of mathematical areas so that I could explore what I enjoyed most and develop skills that are currently in high demand, e.g. statistical analysis, computer programming, and optimization. The professors, many of whom are leaders in their respective fields, were always more than willing to guide me through any subject matter that I found challenging and were even eager to offer advice on topics not related to their course material. I truly appreciate the relationships I formed with the York faculty and the guidance they provided throughout the stages of my education."